Cadence Kitchen

Frozen is the New Fresh

“Cadence Kitchen is out to revolutionize the frozen food industry.”

This mission was the jumping-off point from which I worked with Cadence Kitchen to build their brand from the ground up. From the logo and brand identity, to building and designing the website and digital presence, to packaging and retail materials, I worked with Cadence Kitchen extensively to create a resonant and cohesive brand image that is as relevant and brave as their company mission statement.

Bold, vibrant imagery matched with clean, cordial graphics

Cadence Kitchen Brand Guidelines
Cadence Kitchen Logo Guidelines


We wanted the website to feel like a homemade meal on a sunny day, drawing from the company’s Californian roots.


Balancing form and functionality was the goal with the packaging design for Cadence Kitchen’s extensive product lineup. We created a design that was both eye catching on the freezer shelves while being stackable for easy storage in both retail and consumer freezers.

Retail Materials

Cadence Kitchen products can be found in over a dozen stores in hundreds of locations across the country. With displays in both traditional freezer isles and standalone bunkers, we took the opportunity to have fun and give the brand personality.

Cadence Kitchen products can be found in hundreds of stores across the country.